The Last Days at Forcados High School is a novel written by A.H. Mohammed, a resident doctor at the Unilag You could download the full ebook below. The Last Days at Forcados High School book. Read 8 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. A funny and brutally honest story about tolera. The Last Days at Forcados High School is a novel written by A.H. Mohammed, a resident doctor at the Unilag Teaching Hospital. The book was published in.

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Download “The Last Days At Forcados High School” Full Book & kindly download the pdf file and scan thoroughly because failure to do so. “The last Days at Forcados High school” is a funny and brutally honest story about tolerance, Download the Complete PDF format Here. // THE LAST DAYS AT FORCADOS HIGH SCHOOL BY A.H MOHAMMED. They spent some time together and Jim asked Wole if their dad.

More troubles for Jimi as the Chemistry Lab he had a spare key to got burgled. It was later revealed that Wole Solade and some other boys were caught while trying to sell a stolen microscope and other Lab equipments. Wole had named Jimi an accomplice in the crime. Earlier in the day, Jimi had apologized to Nene for his role in the leaked letter and also tried to make up with Efua.

Summary of “The Last Days at Forcados High School” for 2019 JAMB Direct Entry Candidates

Jimi was punished in school. The day he was made to publicly apologize to the whole school, Efua and Ansa stood up for him and made the principal and other students to know the truth. The principal eventually dropped all charges against Wole because he was sorry for him.

Most of the Final year students performed well when their results came out in October. During a Valedictory service that held in July, Jimi won prizes in chemistry, physics and technical drawing. He also got a letter from Efua shortly after she left the country.

In the letter, Efua confessed that she liked Jimi back but hinted that she had to sort out things inside herself first. She concluded by telling Jimi that what he did for his brother, Wole, was a sweet thing.

This made Jimi very happy. It was a happy ending for all the friends. He can best be described as an all-rounder — Academically sound, good at sport, good-looking, and attractive to the girls. A tall and well built man with a bulging tummy who believes Wole is a bad influence to Jimi.

A kind-hearted woman who had been stressed by her children and her highly temperamental husband, Kola. A nerdy art genius who sees Jimi as his hero for being good at so many things.

A devout christian with great music voice. Efua Coker — The new beautiful and mysterious girl in class who had become cynosure of attraction for the boys, Jimi inclusive. A wealthy business woman who rarely showed love to her daughter.

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She was also the most popular girl in school. He was an arts student and a stubborn big boy in the school. Miss Agbenenovi — Youth corper serving in Lagos state. Mr Mallum — Principal at Forcados High school.

He was fund of Jimi Solade. Okoro — The students called him gorilla-like Okoro, a miserable bully. She sourced for the letter Efua allegedly wrote to Ms Novi and brought it to Mr Mallum, the principal.

Eze — A bright student in an unspoken contest with Jimi over chemistry result. He danced with Efua during the Mid-term Dinner. Icheen Igbo — metres race closest competitor to Jimi.

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He took the second position during the Inter-house sports competition. Rhymers — A group of five boys who composed hip-hop lyrics after school.

He was the one who bailed Wole when he was arrested for theft at Forcados High. Not a half-assed unseasoned book about "High school" love.

Anyone who reads the potter's wheel and reads last day at Forcados will definitely agree that that book is a step-down Silence You know I ain't lying. Abeg the boy is bitter and selfish soul.

If you read all the 3 articles. E be like say dey don payam for wetin dey sell na. Ah ah! The publisher can only pay what Jamb pay them na. The fact that 4 senior lawyers drop his case, speaks in volume. D boy sef dull, with level of piracy in this country, him still get mouth say him wan sue pple wey strategise to make him get money?

Summary of The Last Days at Forcados High School by A.H. Mohammed

I believe the main reason his book was selected in the first place was because he is a doctor. Jamb made a brazen attempt at promoting the fallacy that one can make it both in the science and art world and it's come back to bite them in the asss. Them no want make money lost. Na by force? Lalasticlala, let's note this thread to the Front Page in other to enlighten prospective Jambites and Direc Entry candidates.

Lalasticlala, let's move this thread to the Front Page in other to enlighten prospective Jambites and Direc Entry candidates. I have read both and I can't help but agree with you.

Potter's wheel is very captivating and funny. They should bring back those books. Th author has no case. In book business you don't make all the gains alone as author and from what I can read here the MOU is not the author's by-product and which is one of the efforts of the publisher to pull the book through.

I think the young author is somewhat greedy and ungrateful. This is quite eye opening! He should prepare to write another book. The writer has no sense of business. He accused the publishing firm and JAMB of not granting him access to the MoU with the examination body; pressurising him into signing a contract; no payment for his royalties for ; and the use of his book for Direct Entry by JAMB without his consent.

It was later accepted for publication and after some time published in In , Fafunwa Educational Foundation came across and read the book and sent it to JAMB for consideration for possible use in the examination.

JAMB accepted the book after passing through their board on its own merit for use as General English.

Thereafter all communication was between JAMB and the publisher. I was not present at any of their discussions because I had a signed contract with the publisher and assumed all procedures would be duly followed.

All costs were included in registration package. The book was adopted for three years After this the publisher contacted me and to my shock started making efforts to compel me to deviate from my contract by agreeing to a lower royalty rate, citing discount.Read below.

His most loyal friend, Ansa, had also disagreed with him on the way he treated Efua. All costs were included in registration package. They should bring back those books.

When he was writing the book did he even dream of selling 10, copies?? Abeg the boy is bitter and selfish soul. Other Editions 1.

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