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Charitraheen Novel Pdf

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Read and Download PDF Ebook charitraheen sharat chandra chattopadhyay at Online Ebook Library. Get charitraheen sharat chandra chattopadhyay PDF file. Charitraheen by Sarat Chandra is one of the most famous novels written by the versatile Bengali author almost a hundred years ago. Choritrohin (English: Characterless) is a novel by Bengali novelist Sarat Chandra The former two are accused of being charitraheen (characterless). It is most interesting that all four characters are totally different. Savitri is born a Brahmin.

But, as the story progresses, Kiran realizes her folly and accepts Upendra as her benefactor. She is herself an adulteress, and considers all men to be immoral weaklings who can hardly overlook a beautiful woman. But, when she comes in close contact with her new Brothers-in-law, she gets the shock of her life on discovering the moral strength of Upendra and Satish.

Will Kiranmayi be able to mend her ways?

Will Satish ever be able to profess his love to deserving Savitri or will he marry the upright Sarojini instead? In this novel of love and lust, almost every character is characterless.

Be it the strong bodied yet feeble minded Satish, the self effacing Savitri, the honest, sincere Upendra or the Western influenced Sarojini. However, the only salvage is that they at least know they are walking on the wrong path and before the situation becomes irreparable, they do check their actions and thoughts.

But, Kiranmayi, Aghormayi and Divakar are a bunch of true amoral, who do not even comprehend their folly, and keep on sliding down the path of sin and at last have to beg for redemption. Though, I have to admit that Sharat Chandra has sketched even the most villainous characters with a rare sympathy. Throughout the novel, Kiran behaves in the most selfish manner and yet she is the most charismatic, mysterious woman ever portrayed in the fictional world. As in Nishkriti and Srikanta , here also he exhibits various facets of woman, dwelling on her emotional weaknesses and moral strength.

There is a plethora of protagonists in his novels, and the majority are women. Charitaheen is no different in this aspect. Sabitri, Kamini, Sarojini, Kiranmoyi, Mukta, Aghormoyi, each woman comes into prominence at one or other time, unique with her own web of truth and lies, and Sarat leaves it to readers to interpret their real characters.

In the beginning, I stressed upon the aptness of title, as I finished the novel, I realized that the title does not only describe the immorality of characters, but also the fact that at one or other point of time, each one of them loses his peculiar mental aspects, behaving as if he is the soul of someone else.

And, thus truly becomes character-less. As his characters appear rigid and limited in beginning, but by the time the story is finished, they become much larger, their attitudes broaden and their personalities expanded, goading them to move beyond their comfort zones.

His novels leave a lasting impression on the mind of reader, forcing him to think beyond boundaries and thus have a long lasting classic appeal.

Charitraheen is my sixth novel by Sarat and his commendable story telling has left me desiring for many more.

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Kiranmayi is the most striking character of the novel. She is that element of the novel that has deep psychological crisis.


A paragon of beauty, Kiranmayi is very skeptic,argumentative and quite a rebel in herself. Her emotions and desires have, however, always been repressed by a husband more intent on teaching her than on conjugal matters, and by a nagging mother-in-law.

She surprises and impresses all the three main men in the novel—Satish, Upendra and Dibakar—but ultimately her life got reduced to shambles as her extrem pride and the ghosts of unfulfilled desires wreak havoc on her causing to go insane.

Choritrohin by Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay - Bangla Novel PDF

The three men play very important roles in the lives of the four women, but most of the time, their actions are detrimental to the women. They are orthodox, unable to fathom the complexity of women, and are seen hardly in control of their emotions. Satish and Savitri share a strange relationship where none dares to express their feelings to each other and this act of hide-and-seek,this element of mist in their relationship creats a devastating counter-effect when both of them are blamed of being characterless, forcing Savivitri to leave Kolkata and take refuge in Varanashi.

Losing Savitri, Satish suffers intolerable pain and though his physique shows no marks of injury his heart knew no peace.

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The relation of Satish and Sarojinii is filled with ambiguity as both of them in some point of the story feel either attracted or repelled from each other as story unfolds and even the end it still becomes no clear as whether he marries Sarojini or not,though Upendra in his deathbed advocated for the very same. Upendra helps Kiranmayi initially,but thinks the worst of her relationship with Dibakar which inturn actually causes Kiranmayi's compulsive elopement with Dibakar.

Dibakar is a boy in his adolascence and fails to see the trickeries of Kiranmayi.

An orphan, he is delighted by Kiranmayi treating him as her brother and eventually shirks education but gradually attracted by her unearthly beauty develops the vogue iead of love between them and for this of his immature and illogical interpretation he pays a heavy price but ultimately he gets redeemed in the climax. He acts totally irresponsibly after his elopement with Kiranmayi.

There is a redemption of all the women in the end, Savitri being considered a devi, Kiranmayi's compulsions understood somewhat and her ill-treatment regretted implicitly, Sarojini getting a promise of marriage with Satish,and Surbala becoming the savoiur and eye opener for of both Satish and Upendra.Fresh Pdf file — Portable Document format.

It tells a story of Sabitri, a beautiful woman and widow, who has been thrown out from her husband's home by her in-laws driven to work as a maidservant in a youth hostel, where she falls in love with her master.

Choritrohin By Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay

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Do you like this post? As Upendra is a honest lawyer, Haran Babu makes him his confidante, and expresses a wish to make him the caretaker of all his property.

Shared 7 Facebook Twitter. His childhood and youth were spent in dire poverty as his father, Motilal Chattopadhyay, was an idler and dreamer and gave little security to his five children.

They hide their love under the garb of humble care and servitude, thus deluding themselves and others. Book Info Report.

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