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Tip 2: It is ideal to list between objectives. The purpose is to offer an overview of significant literature published on a topic. In the research methodology section of project, you need to describe how you will proceed to research the problem stated and achieve the objectives formulated. It includes research hypothesis, research model, research design, sampling design and research procedure.

A research hypothesis is the statement created by researchers when they speculate upon the outcome of a research or experiment. It is a diagrammatic representation of the variables selected in the research to study. Consider the objectives of the study and decide which type of research design you will use i.

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Exploratory, Descriptive or Causal. Next, decide what type of data you will need, to realise every objective of your study. Mention, how you will collect the data the sources of data. For example, primary data for a study may be collected through observations and questionnaire.

If you are using secondary data, mention if the sources are external or internal and their type. Ex: Industry reports or annual report of the company. When you collect any sort of data, especially quantitative data, whether observational, through surveys or from secondary data, you need to decide which data to collect and from whom.

This is called the sample. A sample is a subset of the population being studied. It represents the larger population and is used to draw inferences about that population. Population: Population is a complete set of elements persons or objects that possess some common characteristics defined by the sampling criteria established by the researcher.

For example, in the above case, sampling frame will be all the employees having professional qualification in XYZ Company. Sampling Unit: Every single unit or object inside the sampling frame is regarded as sampling unit. For example, each employee of sampling frame will be a sampling unit. Sample Size: A sample size is a component of population which is cautiously selected to signify the population. The most commonly used approach for determining the size of sample is the confidence interval approach covered under inferential statistics.

Sampling Design: It is a method of selecting a suitable sample for the purpose of determining the characteristics of the whole population. There are various sub techniques under each. You may choose the method that best suits your project. For example, in the above case, convenience sampling can be used to select the sample.


It also includes the statistical techniques which are expected to be used for the purpose of data analysis. There is always a room for improvement, hence, you must also mention the scope of research, which can be conducted in future with respect to the current research. It includes the list of all those sources you looked at i. It should be typed with 1. The following are the components of the summary.

MBA Finance Project

Hard copy of the final project report and the executive summary should be brought to the venue at the time of Viva-Voce.

You should demonstrate or make a power point presentation of the project to the University- approved examiners.

Acknowledgement 3. Bonafide certificate Refer Annexure IV 4. Declaration by the student Refer Annexure V 5. Executive Summary 6. List of Tables 7.

List of Figures 8. List of Symbols and Abbreviations 9. Table of Contents Refer to section 2. All other non-verbal materials used in the body of the project work and appendices such as charts, graphs, maps, photographs and diagrams may be designated as figures. List of Tables Table No. Title Page 1 Frequency table exhibiting the investors degree of risk aversion No. List of Figures Figure No. Title Page 1 Pie chart exhibiting mode of trading of investors No.

Standard symbols, abbreviations etc. List of Symbols Table No. Abbreviated Name Full Page No. A specimen is shown below. Title Page No. The caption of the table must be present above the table. The caption of the figure must be present below the figure. The title of the project must be on the left side of the header and chapter name must be on the right side of the headers.

Page numbers are to be placed on the right side of the footer. They should be typed single space and placed directly underneath in the very same page, which refers to the material they annotate.

The general text shall be typed in the font style - Times New Roman and font size - Font 14 may be used for titles. Job Satisfaction Survey w. Competency Mapping in XYZ organisation 5.

India Ltd. Consumers of Samsung India Electronics Ltd. Capital Market Banks using Ratio Analysis Hassan A Study on Electronic Data Storage w. MNCs Example: Health Screening Dept. Service e. Project cost estimation for software projects w. Primavera w. A Study on Multinational Mergers and Acquisitions w.

Sector Application of Quality Control tools — A Study w. Quality Management in Healthcare sector w. A study on quality management in XYZ bank Measuring Quality in Service Sectors w.

Statistical Process Control and its application on………Sector A study on Indian Organized Retail Sector w. Emerging Retail Formats and Strategies w. Unorganized Retailing w. Retail w. A Study on Private Labels Vs. National Brands w. A Study on Flexible Manufacturing Systems in production w.

A Study on Production and Inventory Control in……………manufacturing company Application of Quantitative Analysis in managerial decision making in operations problems w. An Appraisal of Institutional Banking Services in …. SME sector Bank Performance of EXIM bank w.

Positive attitude towards job is equivalent to job satisfaction whereas negative attitude towards job has been defined variously from time to time. Job satisfaction is an attitude which results from balancing many aspects. It is also the summation of many specific likes and dislikes experienced in connection with the job. Problem Statement including Literature Review : Job satisfaction is the collection of feeling and beliefs that people have about their current job.

In addition to having attitudes about their jobs as a whole, people also can have attitudes about various aspects of their jobs such as the kind of work they do, their co-workers, supervisors or subordinates and their pay George et al. Hence, there arises a need to study the job satisfaction of employees. This topic has been chosen because job satisfaction exercises a potential influence on employee productivity and human relation climate in an organization.

The project is aimed at understanding the satisfaction of employees relating to their job-their working condition, their supervisors, their fellow workers their payment and overall organization. Research Methodology and References: Research Design: Descriptive research in the form of cross sectional design, will be adopted. Sampling Design: A sample design is a finite plan for obtaining a sample from a given population.

Simple random sampling will be used for my research work. Data will be collected from respondents of the population. Data and results will be presented in the form of graphs and charts. References: 1.

George, J. Mack, D. The stress of organisational change: A dynamic process model. Applied psychology, 47 2 , So it is mainly used for long-term saving purposes. For example: a couple having a child of the age of 10 keeps an FD account so as to use the matured amount for the childs college fees in future.

These deposits and its interest rates are explained in detail in the future sections that are to come. Recurring It is a type of FD with deposits kept for 12 or more months. Here the deposits are given at installment by the customer. The interest rate for these deposits is same as FD. The origin of marketing can be traced to the early system of barter system.

Various difficulties of barter gave way to introducing of money and the pricing became the main mechanism of marketing. Then the marketing era after the World War 2. Competition became very intense, there was more supply of goods then was actually needed by market. Therefore marketing research became vital to undertake the social responsibility in connection with manufacturing of goods. JCCB is service sector firm providing satisfactory services to its customers since a decade.

The main objective of bank is to give the loan to middle and lower class of people. By the name it self people doesnt ask any other question and willingly ready to do the transaction with the bank did some local marketing such as. Product life cycle simply Mean the course of the products sales and profits over its life time. No business enterprise can exist and function without employees.

The success of business enterprise depends to a large extent on the quality of its human resources. Human resources management is the key to the whole organization. The concept of personnel management is application not only to bank, but it is equally important in office, sales department, laboratories where the management must win the cooperation of their subordinates.

The plan of business may be logically sound and structure of organization may be perfect, but if the requirement and training of human resources are unscientific business can ability of its employees.

Therefore, it is necessary to direct motive, develop and manage their activity. This bank has a good management and large department of manager and employees. No business enterprise can exit without employees.

The plan of business may be logical sound and structure of organization may be perfect but if the recruitment and selection of personnel are unscientific business cannot be develop.

And hence every organization needs employees from time to time. Recruitment is the process of discovering potential applicants stimulating and encouraging them for applying for a job in an organization. Recruitment is positive activity. There are three methods of recruitment.

Direct method Indirect method Third Party method. In JCCB. Sources general recruitment for worker level is direct method of Recruitment and selection is done of top executive. The advertisement is given in local n state level news paper. Generally there are two types of sources of recruitment.

The main aim of selection is to determine whether an applicant meets the qualifications for a specific job and to choose the applicant who is most likely to perform well in the job. Manager evaluates the application and he rejects improper application and calls a person having proper application from for the personal interview.

In interview, the manager takes different types of interview s for different required personnel. The training period depends upon the employees capacity but the maximum period is of 2 years. After, 3 to 6 months, the report of trainee employee is submitted to manager and if it is satisfactory then he is selected, and if the report is negative i. Promotion is given so as To increase an employees organizational effectiveness To build up moral, loyalty and a sense of belongings on the part of To attract suitable and competent workers for the organization.

Promotion may be given on two bases: On the basis of seniority On the basis of merit In this bank, promotion is given on the basis of seniority basis.

At lower level also promotion is made from operative level to supervisory level and from that to office clerk. The employee is selected for promotion keeping in view his work performance, regularity and seniority. The management makes use of various financial techniques for administrating the financial affairs of the firm in most efficient and effective way. Financial therefore means the entire gamut of managerial effort devoted to the management of finance-both its sources and - of the enterprise.

Its detailed analysis includes financial analysis, risk analysis, capital structure, measurement of cost of capital, merger, acquisition, working capital financing, and management of cash and market securities. In JCCB, separate finance department is there under which various financial activities are carried out. The bifuregation of activities that are carried in finance department of JCCB are as follow: - Preparation of annual account - Reconciliation of branch account with head office - Government securities back office work.

Swot analysis consists of making analysis of the external environment and internal environment. External environment analysis External environment consists of out sides of the firm such as government competitors etc.

Internal environment analysis Internal environment consists of inner sides of the firm such as personnel, finance, etc. THREATS: -changes in government policies and in rules and regulation regarding bank can be disturbed in regular service of bank. One can also define Research as a scientific and systematic search for pertinent information on a specific topic.

In fact, Research is art of scientific investigation and careful investigation especially through search for new fact in any branch of knowledge.

Research is an academic activity because it comprises defining and redefining problems, formulating hypothesis, collecting, evaluating data, Making deductions and conclusion. Thus, Research is an original contribution to existing stock of knowledge making for its advancement. The role of research in several fields of applied economy has greatly increased in modern times. In corporate world, research is conducted to solve various operational and planning problems of business and industry.

Research helps people in business and industry that are responsible for taking business decision. In business, there are different types of research conducted for different object such as operations research, market research, motivational research.

Operational Research refers to solve business problem of cost minimization or profit maximization or what can be as optimization problem.

If money is borrowed it is debt of business ands if loan is given, it is receivable for the business. Loan is a method of lending under which bank gives credit to a borrower for a fixed period and for a specific purpose. Loan are promises for future payment, they have to be repaid in periods beyond a year and are, therefore long term liabilities. In other words "when a banker makes an advance in a lump sum which can not be paid wholly or partly and which the customer has permission to withdraw subsequently, it is called a loan.

Banking is essentially a business dealing with money and credit. Like every other business activity. Banks are profit oriented. A bank invests its funds in many ways to earn income. The bulk of its income is derived from loans and advances.

Banks make loans and advances to traders, businessman and industrialist against the security of some assets or on the basis of the personal security of the borrower. In either case, the banks run the risk of default in repayment. Therefore, banks have to follow a cautions policy and sound lending principles in the matter of lending.

Banks in India have to consider the national interest along with their own interest while determining the lending policy. The loan amount is normally repaid in installments. Loan may be shortterm, medium-term or long-term. Consumable loan This type of fund.

This may be The reason they prefer to hire the services of professionals firm with specialized knowledge and Expertise. If your project is outside your specialization, your project is liable to be rejected.

Primarily mutual fund is formed as a trust by a group of sponsors. Nhlanganiso Milondzo.

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