Interchange Third edition is a four-level series for adult and young-adult learners of English from the beginning to the high-intermediate level. The Student's. Intro is the introductory level of the Interchange Third Edition series. The Student's Book contains 16 teaching units, frequent progress checks. Intro is the introductory level of the Interchange Third Edition series. The Intro Level Student's Book is designed for beginning students needing a thorough.

Interchange Third Edition Intro Student Book Cd

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Interchange - Intro Student's Book (Interchange Third Edition Series) . Let's Talk Level 3 Student's Book with Self-study Audio CD / Edition 2. Interchange Intro Student's Book A (Paperback). Published January 1st by Cambridge University Press. Third Edition with CD, Paperback, 65 pages. Interchange Full Contact Intro Student's Book with CD-ROM (Interchange Third Edition) Third edition Edition by Jack C. Richards, Charles Shields from.

Also included are the listening sections of the Progress checks and Quizzes. Student Self-study Program. Videos offer dramatized and documentary sequences that reinforce the language presented in each Student's Book unit.

Richards has created a very successful tool - useful for not only instructing your students, but also for inspiring them. The immediate benefits of using Interchange show themselves very quickly: This makes class more fun and keeps students' interests high.

Please Note that we are no longer shipping out the 3rd Edition. If you need a 3rd Ed. To order the latest Interchange series please use this link - Interchange 4th Edition. We accept download Orders only from schools and universities inside the United States.

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Oh, excuse me. Your name, please? Thank you, Ms. Point out that the names in each pair have the same pronunciation.

New Interchange Intro audio CD 1, CD 2, CD 3

Play the? Then play the rest of the audio program, pausing after each conversation. Ss listen and complete the task. Ss compare their answers in pairs. Then write the answers on the board.

Audio script 1. Your name is Jon Lee? And how do you spell your? Sara Brown.

My name is spelled S-A-R-A. Jon 2.

Sara 3. Stephen 4. Kathryn 5. Kris T-3?

Read each title aloud and ask Ss to repeat. Explain that we use titles with last names, not? Remind Ss of the meanings of male and female. Ask the class: If Ss have dif?

Ss complete the task individually. Go around the class and give help as needed. Explain that the end punctuation for Mrs.

S1 spells out the names on his or her list and S2 writes them down. Then they change roles.

The pairs check answers by comparing lists. Ss go around the class and greet four or?

Go around the room and check their use of titles and last names. When each S has greeted four or? Explain and model the second task. Write informal greetings on the board.

Interchange Intro Student's Audio CDs

Ask two Ss to greet each other using? For example: Hi, Alicia. Hi, Mariko. Play the audio program once or twice. Hi, Good morning, Good afternoon, Good evening, Hello Encourage Ss to use the pictures to guess the meanings of morning, afternoon, and evening. Point to picture 2 and invent full names for the man e. Write the names on the board.

How are you? Play the audio program again, pausing after each short conversation. Then put the cards on the walls. Go around the room and check their use of? For a new way to practice greetings, try Musical Dialog on page T End of Cycle 1 Do your students need more practice? Explain and model the? Write formal greetings on the board. Then greet several Ss using titles.

Good evening, Mr.

Good evening, your title and last name. Hello, Ms.

Hello, your title and last name. Ask one or two groups to role-play the conversations for the class. To keep Ss interested in role plays, ask no more than two pairs or groups to role-play conversations for the class. Record who role-played the conversations and choose different Ss each time. Point to the picture of Jennifer Miller and ask: Her name is Jennifer Miller.

If needed, explain any new vocabulary. Stand next to the S, point to the book, and say: Ss cover the text. Ss listen and look at the pictures. Ss work in groups of three. They practice the conversations three times, changing roles. Go around the class and encourage Ss to look at each other as they speak. Explain the task. Write this conversation on the board: Hi, S2.

Hi, S1. S2 , this is S3. Hi, S3.Then Ss take their notebooks, go around the class, and complete the task. Student Book: Write the? Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Ahmad Abutalib January 2, at See you later, Nadia.

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