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Supa Strikas Comic Book

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Supa Strikas is a pan-African association football-themed comic, about the titular football team . He appears in some his comic books as larsh. He is number 8. Supa Strikas» 1 issues. Volume» Published by. Started in. Summary. Short summary describing this volume. No recent wiki edits to this page. No description . Supa Strikas FC - The Official Website New Board, Comic Pictures, Comic Strips,. Visit Home | SupaStrikas Comic Strips, Comic Art, Pinstriping, Comic Books.

Sa Ming United: The team representing China. They have a small appearance in any of the episodes. Sultan: The team representing the United Arab Emirates.


Their former lead striker's are the 'Amal 3. Their coach is Sheikh Ali Zaman. Colossus: The team representing Greece. Their coach is Nick Kickalopolous. Orion: The team representing France. Their lead striker is Andrec Meda. The team's specialty is airborne play. Their coach, Professor Black, is crazy about space observation and exploration.

Hydra: The team which also represents France. Their stadium floats in the middle of the sea.

Supa Strikas Football Comic

Their coach is Coach Del Aqua. Their lead striker is Liquido. Cosmos: The team representing the United States of America. Their coach is a cowboy hobo.

Their lead players are Ninja and Bolo. FC All Star: An all-star team consisting of all the lead players from the teams that the Supa Strikas has faced so far. Their team captain is Skarra.

This team only appeared in the final episode of the series, Bringing Down the House.

Palmentieri: The team representing Brazil. Their lead striker is Don Aldo. Their legend player is Edwin. Azul:The team representing Mexico. Their best player is De Los Santos who plays for the goalkeeper.

Barka:The team representing Spain. Their lead striker is Riano.

As Shakes is going through his brilliant rookie career, he suddenly loses steam from the constant pressures of playing professional football. His best friend Spenz decides Shakes needs to take a break.

Professionally at least. So Shakes goes back to his old neighborhood and takes the day off to join the usual pick-up games with the kids around the block.

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And despite his professional status, they literally floor him. It takes a while before he Shakes it off sorry, the pun insisted on being made but by sundown, Shakes starts to get back his old groove back.

Here I am 16 years down the line asking myself, what would Shakes do? Studying all day, training every evening, and personal practice the next morning before barely making it to class on time.

Supa Strikas the online soccer comic!

A little like Shakes, I found myself beginning to crack under pressure. As time wore on, I only got more confused and fumbled the ball harder. Bumping the rim at practice, and missing the whole basket at games.

Then I had enough. I gave it up. And just in time too. Exams were on the way, the basketball season was coming to an end, and the summer break right after would give me just what I needed. Whew, those emotions escalated quickly Instead of doing any off-season training I spent two or three weeks moping around the house in my misery.

Supa Strikas Contains Examples of:

After flipping through Roots of Success, I thought I could literally take a page from his script and go out to find a pick-up game I could get into on weekends. And just my luck, my go-to trash talking buddy had a spot he went to every weekend. How could I resist?

Especially when he started running his mouth about how he was going to break my ankles. I went down to the court late on a Sunday afternoon to find the outdoor game had already started. The ball was switching hands up and down the single concrete court, before flying off towards one of the chain-link netted hoops at the ends.

All I had to do was join one of the other teams and wait for their turn to play. The game was simple, the first team to 11 points wins and gets to stay on the court. The other team could hold each other as they took their walk of shame off the court.

Before darkness set in to end all the fun, my team managed to hold a win streak of at least three games. I was tired but I can say I enjoyed myself. The court was smaller than standard size so the game had a much faster pace and my trash talking buddy did not break my ankles as promised, shame.

I got blocked twice, well… once.When Klaus get pushed into the starting lineup just before a big game against Technicali, the pressure quickly gets to him. Uber, Skaara and Tony Vern. Despite their enormous talent, the players must adapt in a game where being the best is only the beginning, and where the opposition is always full of surprises.

Their coach is Admiral Van Pushup and their lead striker is Uber. He makes a minor appearance in "Big Bo Lockdown", but in "Big Bo to Go" and "Scare Tactics", he makes a major appearance where he helps the protagonist. But hopes are dashed when he is banished from the country!

Teams[ edit ] These are the teams which represents each country from each continent in the Supa Strikas series.

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