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¿Quieres tener otra oportunidad en el amor? O simplemente quieres un amigo con beneficios? .. Serie Pídeme lo que Quieras de Megan Maxwell · Serie Los. Megan Maxwell Pídeme Lo Que Quieras Trilogía in Spanish Eroticism Fantasy Love. About this Pídeme Lo Que Quieras 9 Libros Megan Maxwell (Pdf Epub). Pideme lo que quieras y yo te lo dare - Megan Maxw. Uploaded by. Noemi Valcayo. connect to download. Get epub.

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No Downloads. Views Total views. Actions Shares. Oh yes, Zimmerman! When I remember his mouth, and how he outlined my lips with his tongue, I get all tingly.

I recall all of him, and it just gets me going. My hands fly over my body until one stops on my right breast. I touch my right nipple with my thumb, and the nipple stiffens. My mind has not stopped thinking about Mr.

Zimmerman and what happened between us. My heart beating a mile a minute, I meet the elevator as the doors open and a young man with a red cap and a beautiful bouquet steps out. As soon as he sees me, he rushes over. The bouquet is spectacular. Gorgeous yellow roses. The young man looks at me and I nod, finally. He hands me the bouqu 6 When I get home, Curro welcomes me.

My sister has left a note saying she gave him his medication. I put on something more comfortable and cook up some delicious pasta carbonara. I plop down on the couch to watch TV while I devour it. When I finish, I lie back and fall into a deep sleep. Some time later, a shrieking sound abruptly awakens me. Drowsy, I get up; the sound is insistent.

I check the clock. My apartment is a disaster. The dirty dish is still on the table, the kitchen is like a swamp, and I look terrible. I huff and press the button. Quickly, I hang up the phone. I know I have—more or less—a minute and a half. I check myself in the mirror. I tenderly caress his head and inhale his scent. I notice his mouth on my chest, and I like that too. I want to enjoy this moment for one more second, but he rolls to the side and looks over at me. He smiles. A moment later, he gets up and walks out of the room.

I hear the shower. But he surprises me when he picks up his briefs and puts them on. An appointment?

Pídeme lo que quieras

Irritated by his lack of tact after what just happened between us, I put on my panties, bra, and T-shirt. That startles him.

I bolt out of bed. What time is it? I peek at the clock on the nightstand. Seven past eleven.


I throw myself back in bed. A small bomblike package drops on me. I curse in silence but grab the girl and kiss her sweetly.

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I adore her. Twenty minutes later and just out of the shower, I walk over to the kitchen in my robe. My sister is making breakfast while my dear Luz crushes Curro in her arms and watches cartoons. I take a seat at the counter. She looks my way and places a cup of coffee in front of me. He can call again. Ten seconds later, he does.

I love it! I immediately fall in love with this amazing car. I run my hand tenderly over it as he looks on.

My dad runs an auto shop. I stare back. He sighs and I grin. Finally, he shakes his head. Where shall we go?

A part of me wants to reject it, and another part wants to accept it. I like Eric. I like his kisses. I like his touch, and his games.WordPress Shortcode. My mind has not stopped thinking about Mr. Gorgeous yellow roses. Junto a? Los chavales, muertos de risa, se a. Book Image Pideme Lo que Quieras 1 5. I put on something more comfortable and cook up some delicious pasta carbonara.

Eric was your normal boss type of character, but he had his own unique personality when it came to certain things.

I want to enjoy this moment for one more second, but he rolls to the side and looks over at me. Su comentario me resulta gracioso,.

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