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Amar Meye Bela is Autobiography & popular book of Taslima Nasrin. Free Download Bengali Books PDF and Read More Bangla EBooks, EPUB, Mobi, PDF. Taslima Nasrin- Amar Meyebela - Download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Autobiography Taslima Nasrin- Chap1. Amar Meyebela (আমার মেয়েবেলা) - Taslima Nasrin | Free Download Bangla PDF e Book.

She was then forced to live under house arrest in Delhi for 3 months.

She had no other alternative but to leave India in She was not allowed to live in India for a while, but ultimately Nasrin, determined to live in the subcontinent moved to India from the US.

Her Bangladeshi passport had been revoked; she was granted citizenship by the Swedish government and took refuge in Germany.

In she wrote Meyebela, My Bengali Girlhood her biographical account from birth to adolescence. She never got a Bangladeshi passport to return to the country when her mother, [43] and later her father,[ citation needed ] were on their death beds.

In March , she visited Mumbai to promote a translation of her novel Shodh translated by Marathi author Ashok Shahane, the book was called Phitam Phat. Secular "atheist" groups seized upon the occasion to celebrate freedom of expression, while "radical fundamentalist groups While living in Kolkata, Nasrin regularly contributed to Indian newspapers and magazines, including Anandabazar Patrika and Desh , and, for some time, wrote a weekly column in the Bengali version of The Statesman.

Again her criticism of Islam was met with opposition from religious fundamentalists: in June , Syed Noorur Rehaman Barkati, the imam of Kolkata's Tipu Sultan Mosque , admitted offering money to anyone who "blackened [that is, publicly humiliated] Ms Nasreen's face.

The group's president, Tauqeer Raza Khan , said the only way the bounty would be lifted was if Nasrin "apologises, burns her books and leaves. A protest organised by the militant islamist "All India Minority Forum" caused chaos in the city and forced the army's deployment to restore order.

This is about politics. In the last three months I have been put under severe pressure to leave [West] Bengal by the police.

Nasrin moved to Sweden in and later worked as a research scholar at New York University. Her feminist views and anti-religion remarks articles succeeded in drawing broad attention, and she shocked the religious and conservative society of Bangladesh by her radical comments and suggestions.

During her life in Kolkata, she contributed a weekly essay to the Bengali version of The Statesman, called Dainik Statesman.

Taslima has always advocated for Uniform Civil Code , [81] and said that criticism of Islam is the only way to establish secularism in Islamic countries. It contained the struggle of a patriotic Bangladeshi Hindu family in a Muslim environment.

Farasi Premik By Taslima Nasrin PDF

In six months' time, it sold 50, copies in Bangladesh before being banned by the government that same year. Autobiography[ edit ] Her memoirs are renowned for their candidness, which has led to a number of them being banned in Bangladesh and India.

Amar Meyebela My Girlhood, , the first volume of her memoir, was banned by the Bangladeshi government in for "reckless comments" against Islam and the prophet Mohammad. Under pressure from Indian Muslim activists, the book, which was published in West Bengal as Dwikhandita, was banned there also; some 3, copies were seized immediately.

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All seven parts have been published by Peoples's Book Society, Kolkata. Nasrin's life and works in adaptation[ edit ] Nasrin's life is the subject of a number of plays and songs, in the east and the west. Jhumur was a TV serial based on a story written especially for the show.

The result, a "controversial" and "compelling" work called The Cry, was performed in Europe and North America. Because of "obnoxious, false and ludicrous" comments in Ka, "written with the 'intention to injure the reputation of the plaintiff'", Syed Shamsul Haq , Bangladeshi poet and novelist, filed a defamation suit against Nasrin in In the book, she mentions that Haq confessed to her that he had a relationship with his sister-in-law.

Taslima Nasrin- Amar Meyebela

The West Bengal Government, supposedly pressured by 24 literary intellectuals, decided to ban Nasreen's book in Many of the what Nasrins talks about is true, even if I have not faced many of the prejudices myself, I know of people who have.

The sad truth is that a lot of the submissive customs are norms and submissiveness is expected from females.

By the end of the book, I really wished that I could have a chance to meet Taslima Nasrin and have a conversation with her, maybe even get to know how she feels about her family members now. I looked up some of her interviews on youtube and it makes me angry, because it seems like the reporters are verbally attacking her and not allowing her to speak.

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I think she has lost her relationship with many of her family members because she has spoken out about how she has felt as a child growing up. Over all, I feel sad for her and the experience she has had with Bengali society.Her second collection, Nirbashito Bahire Ontore "Banished within and without" was published in Her Bangladeshi passport had been revoked; she was granted citizenship by the Swedish government and took refuge in Germany. Through the staging of such a violent act in naked detail, Nasrin poignantly underscores the vulnerable place of the religious and sexual other in Bangladesh.

Amar Meyebela My Girlhood, , the first volume of her memoir, was banned by the Bangladeshi government in for "reckless comments" against Islam and the prophet Mohammad.

Answering the clarion call of the principal Islamic party the Jamaat-i-Islami Bangladesh, they now invoked a couple of fatwas or religion decrees, putting a hefty price on her head. She defended herself against all the allegations. Emphasis mine Banglapedia Online.

Interestingly, the same conditions appear in the Indian and Pakistani constitutions, making freedom of expression a negotiated concept in the Indian subcontinent.

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