SEDUCTIVE STRANGER Charlotte Lamb Would she ever find out the truth? From the minute Prue met Josh Killane, she resen. Naive Phoebe Brown fell for Mediterranean magnate Jed Sabbides after he wined, dined and bedded her with a fervor that made her feel cherished. But when. Nov 1, THE SABBIDES SECRET BABY BY JACQUELINE BAIRD PDF. Nonetheless, reviewing guide The Sabbides Secret Baby By Jacqueline Baird.

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Thank you very much for reading the sabbides secret baby by jacqueline baird. secretos del alma capitulo 1, pema chodron los lugares que te asustan pdf. The Sabbides Secret Baby by Jacqueline Baird - Read Online. The Sabbides Secret Baby [Jacqueline Baird] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying. Apr 20, The Sabbides Secret Baby by Jacqueline Baird is Contemporary Discarded for breaking his rules Naïve Phoebe Brown fell for Mediterranean.

What she didn't expect was the explosion that followed and the shock made Jed tell her exactly what he was thinking of their relationship..

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The hero throws out the general threatening sounding phrase, after announcing he doesn't want children and didn't want her either, that his doctor would "take care of the pregnancy". The heroine jumps to the extremely logical conclusion that the hero wants her to have an abortion. But that's taken care of for him when the heroine has a miscarriage. The hero then placates her, or his conscience with the platitudes of how horrible it is and he'd been planning on marrying her so they could all be a family.

Oh dear, well, Jed just has to leave for the weekend but he'll be back on Monday for them to discuss further. Except he doesn't come back and eventually the heroine calls him on his cell, only to get the secretary.

The secretary informs her that she has to do this a lot for Jed's other unwanteds, but he won't come back until Phoebe vacates and the relationship is over. So years later Jed sees Phoebe somewhere and realizes that she's hiding something from him. A quick investigation, looks like she wasn't that hard to find, turns up that she's got a son who magically looks like him. Turns out Phoebe had been pregnant for twins and only one had died. Jed wants his son but Phoebe isn't helping out and a consult with his lawyers shows that the only way he has a slim chance of getting guardianship is to get his son back to his own country and battle it out there.

Which he spends the rest of the book doing.

And in case we didn't get that he was still doing it, we occasionally check in on his thoughts which are still going along the same lines. Throw Phoebe away after he gets his son to his country and can get custody. Did I mention there were a few good things about this book? I should focus on them. First of all, the writing style. Jacqueline Baird is a good writer. Her stories fail sometimes, but the writing is rarely ever bad.

The first thing I loved, and where I thought this book would shine, is the heroine. She was in a relationship with the hero that she thought was close to marriage. She kept expecting the hero to dish out a ring to her.

And she happily announced she was pregnant. Because she was in a solid relationship so it wasn't the most horrible thing to happen to her. I had so much respect for her at this point. She was not sleeping with him in a no strings relationship because she loved him and it was the only way to get him. She thought they were in a relationship.

She wasn't scared of what pregnancy would mean because they were in a committed relationship. Secondly, she stuck around. None of this running away when things don't go as planned.

She stayed when he didn't come back and she only left when his secretary told her what was going on. The third thing is the fact that the heroine was no fool. She didn't want to let her son go out of the country with Jed even though he was the father.

She also knew that his threats of custody battles didn't hold much water. But the problem is big. Jed thought he was enjoying some light sex with his little kept woman. When she wound up pregnant his world was crashing down.

How dare she become pregnant when he wasn't serious about her. He also made the comment about having his doctor take care of her pregnancy. He later claims that she misunderstood him, but he's pretty thorough, so I doubt it.

I'm sure in his devious little brain abortion was high up on his list of do if possibles. Why do I say that?

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He had never met a woman yet who had turned him down—usually they chased him—and it was a novel experience, having to wait over a month before he got her into bed. Mainly because Phoebe shared a house with three other students—two girls Kay and Liz, and the third a guy called John—she had virtually no privacy. But she flatly refused to dine with Jed in the suite he kept in one of the family-owned London hotels. Her excuse was that she would feel uncomfortable, having seen the kind of women who accompanied men to their rooms for only a few hours in the hotel where she worked.

She was a few weeks short of twenty-one, and her youth worried him a little. He could not decide if her concern was genuine modesty or if, like most women, she was angling for more than he was prepared to offer. It was sheer coincidence, when entering the Empire Casino in the heart of London one night after Phoebe had left him frustrated yet again, that he met an old poker buddy of his and found the solution to his problem.

The man had just been knocked out of the World Serious Poker Tournament, which was taking place in the casino at the time, and over a drink told him he was going to America and wanted someone to caretake his London apartment and his cat Marty while he was away. Casually Jed told Phoebe the story, and asked if she was interested in the job. He introduced her to his friend, and when the cat purred and wrapped itself around her ankles she agreed. It was a win-win situation all round, and finally Jed got further than a goodnight kiss.

But even then she kept him waiting another few days! It was a coincidentally novel solution, and a bit devious, he knew—but Jed was a cynic where the female of the species was concerned, and knew it was well worth the wait. Pheobe surprised him—she was actually a virgin, a first for him—but amazingly she was the most eager and most incredibly responsive lover he had ever had… That had been twelve months ago, he suddenly realised—another first for him.

He had never kept a lover so long in all his thirty years.

With his experience of women he had long ago realised wealth was his main attraction to any female, and given his father was now married for the fourth time it was hardly surprising.

Not that it mattered to Jed.

Essentially another form of gambling, but one that made better use of his brilliant mind. If his father had taught Jed anything it was that marriage was not for him, and he kept his sex-life strictly separate from his business and family. No relationship lasted more than a few months—eight had been the longest until Phoebe. She had laughed at him and told him marriage was the last thing on her mind. She was determined to get a good degree, then start her career and hopefully travel the world.

On their first date, when she had asked what he did, he had simply said he was a businessman and travelled between offices in London, Athens and New York.

Yet it did not seem to influence Phoebe at all. In the time they had been together she had never hinted at commitment, never asked him for anything, and he was pretty sure she had no hidden agenda.

He had nothing to worry about. One year or two, as long as the passion lasted Phoebe was his.

The Sabbides Secret Baby

Seven weeks ago she had completed her degree, and the graduation ceremony had been last week. She had invited him to attend and told him her aunt was coming as well.

He often bought her gifts, and she was grateful and showed it in bed. This time he had bought her a spectacular diamond necklace—because if he was honest he did feel slightly guilty at missing her graduation. And now he was a day early, which he knew without conceit would please Phoebe.

The thought made him smile in a way that was all male sensual anticipation… The plane landed and Jed stood up, shrugged on his jacket and straightened his tie. Tall, broad-shouldered, dark-haired and strikingly attractive, he was the epitome of the super-rich successful alpha male. He picked up his laptop and, with a goodbye to the smiling flight attendant, exited the aircraft. Phoebe turned off the shower and stepped out of the cubicle.

Her stomach fluttered at the thought… She glanced at her reflection in the mirrored wall as she reached for a bath sheet from the towel rail to wrap around her slender body. Slender for how much longer?


She had yet to tell her boyfriend Jed she was pregnant… Jed Sabbides was a successful financier, and also the power behind the throne of the Sabbides Corporation. Phoebe had suspected from the beginning that he was wealthy, simply by his supremely confident attitude—which was why at first she had been wary of him. Jed had left a few items of clothing here over the year, but he definitely did not live here.

He travelled a lot—as Phoebe knew to her cost when she lay aching for him in the big bed at night—but she had the compensation of the ginger cat Marty to keep her company when he was gone.

Jed rarely discussed business with her, but it had not taken her many months to realise he was a workaholic and split his time between two continents.

But on the bright side he had once told her he had an older sister, who was married with two young girls whom he adored, so he obviously liked children—a positive sign, surely. She had glanced up at the sound of his deep, slightly accented voice, looked into his gleaming dark eyes and been transfixed.

He was the most gorgeous man she had ever seen. Then he had smiled at her, and every nerve in her body had tingled with an excitement she had never felt before.MOC and the H confesses he has loved her all along. Jed rarely discussed business with her, but it had not taken her many months to realise he was a workaholic and split his time between two continents.

In Christofides' Keeping Harlequin Presents. He bought her tons of jewelry, thank god because when she got pregnant he had a huge fight with her and insinuated that he wanted her to get rid of it. By Michigangirl Phoebe was in a relationship with Jed.

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