Endoscopic Ear Surgery E-Book ISBN: Increasingly used as an adjunctive tool in the diagnosis and management of ear disease, middle ear endoscopy has . Endoscopic Ear Surgery: Principles, Indications, and Techniques: Medicine & Health Science Books @ tailamephyli.tk From the unique anatomy and pathophysiology of the middle ear through diagnosis, surgical indications, procedures, and instrumentation, this book is.

Endoscopic Ear Surgery Book

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Thieme E-Books & E-Journals. 1 Starting off with Endoscopic Ear Surgery. Full Text 6 Radiological Considerations for Endoscopic Middle Ear Surgery. tailamephyli.tk tailamephyli.tk Endoscopic ear surgery. Endoscopic Ear Surgery by Natasha Pollak, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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Endoscopic Ear Surgery : Principles, Indications, and Techniques

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Vertigo and Dizziness. Temperature plateaus quickly. After light source is turned off, there is a rapid decline in temperature within seconds.

Modified from Kozin et al. Figure 3. Suction results in robust cooling of the middle ear space. In a human temporal bone heated to body temperature, Xenon light sources were turned, and the expected rapid rise in temperature was demonstrated.

Suction was positioned next to the endoscope tip, which resulted in rapid temperature decreases to below baseline temperature. In a complementary study, Aksoy et al. In the study, 25 male guinea pigs were exposed to heat from halogen or Xenon light sources for varying periods of time.

Standard audiometric testing, including distortion product otoacoustic emissions DPOEs and auditory brainstem responses ABR were conducted on all animals at the beginning of the study, at the end of surgery, and two hours after surgery. Thermocouple thermometer readings showed that, after the first minute, the Xenon light source generated significantly more temperature rise than a halogen light source.

The surface temperatures of all endoscopes returned to normal approximately one minute after light sources were turned off.

Additionally, investigators found a slightly decreased temperature difference when using a 3mm compared to a 4mm diameter endoscope. Taken together, studies by Kozin et al. This fact is already well understood by sinus surgeons who avoid putting endoscope tips on drapes as they are a potential fire hazard. All studies demonstrate that using the light source at sub-maximal settings as specified by the manufacturer and frequent cooling techniques, e. Potential ototoxicity of anti-fog solution While most otologic surgeons do not routinely use anti-fog solution, it is widely used in endoscopic sinus surgery.

Anti-fog solution is used to reduce fogging or blurring of the tip of the endoscope due to temperature differences between the endoscopic lens and the warmer surrounding sinus cavity or middle ear. Anti-fog solution typically consists of alcohol, surfactants, glycerin and water. In a recent study, the ototoxicity of a commercially available anti-fog solution was examined in a guinea pig model [5].

In the study by Nomura et al. After auditory brainstem responses ABRs were measured, topical solutions of 0. Post-treatment ABRs were obtained 14 days after the treatment. The saline-treated group showed no deterioration in ABR thresholds. The anti-fog solution-treated and gentamicin-treated groups showed increases in ABR thresholds.

The authors concluded that anti-fog solution is potentially ototoxic and should be used sparingly. At MEEI, we apply minimal anti-fog solution to the tip of the endoscope which is then wiped with saline before placement near the middle ear Figure 4.

Figure 4. Endoscope wipe and defog holder set-up.

Endoscopic Ear Surgery Manual | Silver Book

A microwipe saturated with saline is better than a moist gauze sponge for streak free wiping of the endoscope lens. Both the microwipe and defog are placed in cup lids to reduce dessication throughout surgery.

Note: the microwipe is highly absorbent and will need repeated applications of saline.

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Table of Contents. Product Description. Now for the first time, the physicians who pioneered this groundbreaking minimally invasive technique review its indications, advantages, disadvantages, and surgical approaches: Written by the foremost leaders in the field, all members of the International Working Group on Endoscopic Ear Surgery Features nearly 1, intraoperative endoscopic images filmed with high-definition cameras, plus outstanding line drawings that aid in understanding all concepts Comprehensively covers the field, including chapters on endoscopic and combined endoscopic-microscopic management of cholesteatoma, surgical restoration of middle ear ventilation, myringoplasty, Meniere disease, tympanoplasty and stapes surgery, revision surgery, and much more Demonstrates state-of-the-art endoscopic procedures in 19 instructive videos From the unique anatomy and pathophysiology of the middle ear through diagnosis, surgical indications, procedures, and instrumentation, this book is indispensable for all otolaryngologists and neurotologists.

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This volume does a lot to demystify this relatively new subspecialty. Read our Cookies Policy. Similar to any new surgical technology, taking a course given by experts, such as those by members of the International Working Group on Endoscopic Ear Surgery IWGEES , will relate crucial technical pearls to keeping patients and surgeons safe.

Nishath Quader.

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