Deluxe Revised RECON® RPG - RECON is set in a fictional world that parallels that of 20th Century Earth and focuses on Watermarked PDF. Deluxe Revised Recon RPG - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. Rules for the Deluxe Revised Recon RPG by Palladium. Recon - Advanced - Download as PDF File .pdf) or read online. Recon. Uploaded by. weedrows2 · Deluxe Revised Recon RPG. Uploaded by.

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DOWNLOAD PDF. Report this file. Description. Descripción: Rules for the Deluxe Revised Recon RPG by Palladium. Sponsored Ads. Shop Now. So, what systems would be good for an RPG set during the Vietnam War? I know about Deluxe Revised Recon can be found on DtRPG. In Palladium provided a free PDF for download from their site. It remained available for several years.

What's happening to the pacific clipper fleet? Is it sabotage? Maybe even for the insurance. You have no idea, but you can bet there's more to this case than meets the eye Dave Arneson Flying Buffalo A solo adventure is included in this book, that you can run for yourself to get a feel for the characters.

Each map details the home, hang-out or workplace of one or more of the 36 characters described in this book. Each map is cross-indexed to the characters, and a map of the city is included so you can see where all the places are at a glance. FB This kit contains everything you need to incorporate the science of fingerprinting into your gaming, adding a new element of realism, complexity and fun. Year Zero Mini Playtest. Limitless Encounters: Sword Coast Encounters. Storm King's Thunder Encounters.

Priests of the Aeons. Forgotten Realms Campaign Guide. Forgotten Realms Player's Guide. Star Frontiers. Spell Law 1st Edition. Rolemaster Companion III. Rolemaster Companion IV. Rolemaster Companion VI. Rolemaster Companion VII. Rolemaster Heroes and Rogues. Mouse Guard Roleplaying Game. Recon Recon. PDF Version. Palladium Books. Description Edit History. The Hotness Games People Company. Legacy of Dragonholt. Air America.

Noi Pot District. Helicopter Combat Contact Table: Dangerous Animal. Mekong Delta. Fire Fight: Terrain Table. Modifications for other Palladium RPGs. VC Encounter Tables. Large Unit Combat Resolution.

Tunnels of Cu Chi Contact Table: Tunnel Contents Contact Table: Tunnel Hazards. Mission Director's Section. Communications hand signals. Hand to Hand Combat: Reaction Table. Suicide Squad. Heroin Organizations in Laos. Terrain Table General. Shaping World Destiny.. Hitting Chopper with Weapons.

Village Disasters Laos Contact Table: Wanted Characters Military Time. Animal Encounters Laos Contact Table: Communist Encounters. Map of Southeast Asia. Visibility Tables Glossary. Helicopter Combat Table..

Notable Tables Assignments of Territory. The Spider's Web. Communist Traffic. Viet Cong. The bad guys have a few advantages of their own.

A single guerrilla with a knife. Around His first product was bold. All the game players are good guys. Despite excellent sales. The good guys do have a few advantages. Each player creates and 'plays' a make-believe player character PC and tries to survive in a world designed and controlled by the Mission Director MD. An old Bill Cosby routine goes something like this. A game set in the modem era and inspired by real life military conflict and history.

Only this time. Guerrilla Warfare: Enter Erick Wujcik.

Over the years. In other words. As much as we all liked the original rules and. Having said that. RECON is designed to simulate the kind of small unit jungle warfare evident in just about any anti-guerrilla war.

Hence it is the "deluxe" edition. RECON is actually a game of small unit modem warfare. Give him a cheap SAM missile and he might even manage to wipe out a multi-million dollar U. The game was a smash hit selling close to America wins the toss.

Erick leapt to the challenge. Joe decided to sell his game. Freedom Fighters or Russians in Afghanistan. Having low technology makes it hard for them to build electronics and fix tanks but easy to live off the land. As I recall. Those of you who enjoy realistic military settings will love it. In addition. In a lot of ways that starts out being unfair. To put it simply. That means the good guys' characters are involved in maintaining control over territory threatened by infiltration by the bad guys.

A few years later. The Mission Director 'plays' the bad guys. Then he set about creating a game with disposable characters hence the fast creation process and an atmosphere of realism and true military action. No More Vietnams. On War. You're looking down a narrOw path through the thick vegetation. The Illustrated History of Helicopters. Being able to picture an imaginary world. Wallace Bloods. Regardless of what you may have heard.

The very best autobiographical account of one man's experience in the Vietnam War. Armour and Artillery. Harrison E. Dear America. John and the Vietnam Veterans Against the War. Don't worry if you forget some details.

Deluxe Revised Recon RPG

Robert B. James F. Instead of the U. Instead of South and North Vietnam. The Tunnels of Cu Chi. It's a gray. Christopher F.

Kevin M. The Palladium Book of Contemporary Weapons.. And countries like Sangria and Dakali substitute for a hodgepodge of smaller lands. Around the near comer can be heard low voices speaking in a strange foreign language. Into the Mouth of the Cat. Brennan's War. The only noise is the occasional buzz of an insect flying by. Here's an example of a role-playing experience: Bibliography Osprey. Shelby L. The following books are only a few that give a real flavor of that war.

Ian V. Six Essays on Military Affairs. In addition to the imagination you'll also need some ordnance. A selection of letters from Vietnam to family and friends at home. Von Clausewitz. If you've never played a role-playing game before. All you regular RPGers should also following. Just about everywhere you look there's an unrelenting green. Fantasy Role-playing Games: Brennen not only describes the war. The West's Battle Against the Terrorists.

Matthew Brennan. To avoid that stuff we've developed a completely fictional world. It's hard to see through the thick leaves but it looks like a large juice can with one end attached to the tree trunk and the other end cut out and dark. The Art of War. Donald [SiembiedaJ. Imagine the Setting About 10 feet down the path there is a rusty tin can nailed to a tree. Vietnam Reconsidered. Take the Contras as an example. Imagine the Scene Picture a lush green jungle. Sometimes it comes as a shock to realize that most of the downloaders of this game.

A good supply of paper. Rain of Fire..

The Viking Press. How to Make War. Guerrilla Warfare. It's your introduction to an entirely kind of gaming. Presidio Press. The Helicopter War in Vietnam. Robert Mason.

The New Soldier. Van Khuyen.. This offers a unique cross-section of the war while also describing the nitty-gritty detail of life in the war zone. The Secret War. A terrific first-hand account of a helicopter pilot flying Huey 'Slicks' in the Vietnam War of the late sixties. In one direction the path turns the comer. The real shame of the Vietnam era is that our veterans were abused and ignored. The Terrorists. We'd rather not get in the middle of that argument.

Jane's Infantry Weapons. Vietnam Order of Battle. They are all strongly recommended. Samuel B. Can you picture this scene? Try to keep the image in your head.

War in the Shadows. In this example. You should try to learn from each character that dies. Game Terms Obviously someone is coming toward you. Put the numbers together and you have a percentile. This person is your Character. Most campaigns are developed around a number of scenarios.

This is just a term garners use to describe playing a game. If you can keep him alive you may continue playing the character for weeks or even years. A player is a person who plays a character in a role-playing game. Just picture yourself as Red! A generic term for MD. For example. Let's say we have one green and one red. In a role-playing game there are no simple answers. Every player except the MO has a character that serves as an imaginary playing piece. Next you roll the dice. If you play the same characters with the same game on an ongoing basis then you are in a Campaign.

If you don't have enough dice for. The Mission Director MD is another player a real person! We call them "DIO". Since they are continuing to talk softly you can assume they don't know you are here" the MD informs you. Role-Playing Game: Sometimes called a role-playing game RPG. Army stationed in 'Nam.

Imagine the Character Now comes the tricky part. Just as obviously.

Recon (role-playing game)

Should you try to scare them offby making some kind of noise? Mission Director MD: This is the person who controls and coordinates the game "world". A word used to describe an ongoing game. Players should take a character's death calmly.

You still need one key ingredient to make this role-playing game work.


Once created. You are not on the forest path. Often we let you know how many dice to roll with an expression like "roll 2D I 0. An AL of 50 would be a normal. Just as in real life. Already you realize that whoever is standing here is in some kind of trouble.

What are you going to do? All the non-player characters NPCs. This is a 5 second combat action or melee. There are also almost no limits to what you can do. Normally you would spend a few minutes developing this new character. Should you continue down the trail. First you read the High die and then the Low die. Should you ready your weapon and be prepared to ambush the approaching Viet Cong? Should you try to squeeze into the thick jungle and hide. These are the numbers that rate the strengths and weaknesses of your character.

You are looking into this scene through someone else's eyes. Role Percentile Take two ten-sided dice of different colors. As Red you have an important decision to make. ST determines the relative toughness and physical condition of the character. His team has been assigned a 45 pound M mortar for a mission.

Hunk enters the clearing gasping for air and running toward the waiting helicopter. Don't make the mistake of erasing your original ST. Modern warfare has produced effective weapons. Deciding that a mortar won't do the enemy much good without a barrel. If this is not possible. Carrying Capacity Carrying Capacity: A character can comfortably carry a load equal to half his ST in pounds.

In an exchange of gunfire Hunk gets shot. The amount of damage a character can withstand before dying is equal to his strength ST. Anytime a character is wounded.

This will include the amount of physical damage that can be sustained. The normal carrying capacity is equal to the ST. Of course. Current wounds will reduce this figure because they reduce his current ST.

Strength All men are not created equal. The maximum weight a character can carry or lift over his head is equal to twice his ST. After the medic fixes him up he's down to an ST of This 80 pound load is so heavy that he can only carry it for 5 combat rounds before putting it down and resting. It is assumed that the character are adapted to carrying his regular gear plus this extra weight for short periods.

Physical Damage Just as a weight lifter can't press pounds over his head and run around the gym all day. Hunk can carry the 16 pound barrel around all day without feeling any strain.

Although this is a higher number than in some other role-playing games. Suddenly he sees the team medic go down with a bullet in the back! The Slick is ready to take off and the medic isn't moving! Hunk's mind goes blank. While a character may decide to engage in another mission before he has returned to full Strength. When the character is completely healed his ST will return to that number.

Strength ST. A person who has lost 80 Strength points would take 40 days to be fully recovered. Now the mission heats up.

This means he will be functioning at the reduced strength level for the duration of the mission. The reduced ST will also alter the character's speed and ability to lift. During this time. We cannot all lift the same amount of weight. The resulting number is subtracted from the strength ST. Players with 4-F characters may reroll the entire character. As the team retreats. In addition to ST points restored by a trained medic.

Wounds and Recovery Wounds and Recovery: The character with an ST of 65 can carry 65 pounds around all day with minimal effort. The character can linger for a time equal to his original ST in minutes. A character's normal gear uniform. With a little effort and sweat he can carry around stuff equal to his ST in pounds. What a hero! Movement Movement: A character' s current strength also determines how far he can move in one combat round in 5 seconds.

A successful AL roll doesn't mean it's time to relax and take it easy. Maximum distance for slower types of movement is determined by the movement table. Hunk carries the medic to the chopper. It's fast. Speed A character may run in full gear a distance in feet equal to his ST in a single combat round.

Movement of zero or less means the character is carrying too much to move at all. If the character fails. Measuring for movement rates is only necessary if a player states some unrealistic movement in a combat round: STI2 would mean 50 divided by 2.

Round to the nearest whole number. That could mean a booby trap will be triggered. Hunk is amazed that in that life-and-death situation. Once things start to heat up and Hunk is running. When it is possible for your character to notice something of this type. Through superhuman effort he can run with his full current ST. Instead of saying 'you find a booby trap. Failing an AL roll means that the clue remains undiscovered. Exhausted and wounded but driven by desperation.

That means dividing 14 by 4 with a result of 3. Examples of these types of things are trip wires. After Hunk got wounded his ST dropped to Let's take a look at how much ground our old friend Hunk can cover in different cases. When his ST was 40 and he was carrying a light load only 16 pounds. At all those speeds he was moving slow enough so he could also keep an eye out for booby traps and mines. Walking with a full load 35 pounds cut him down to 10 feet per combat round.

Staggering under the load of the mortar and ammo he covered a mere 4 feet per combat round. When searching prisoners for concealed weapons an AL roll must be made for each weapon to be discovered. The best alertness in the world won't help him now. AL and AG are never reduced permanently. In alphabetical order. The only disadvantage is having to haul all this heavy stuff around. He may be very tall and skinny.

Agility affects the character's ability to throw objects. The height gives a physical skeleton that is fleshed out by the weight. A character's major attributes ST. There's nothing quite like the deep 'thump' of a grenade being fired. Every player character in the game must have gone through basic training. While there. Indigenous characters have a base age of 13 and roll 2D 10 for a range of 15 to 33 years old.

For indigenous characters 'Nam.

Heavy Weapons. The secondary MOS is the character's 'back-up' specialty. These are also the only characters capable of performing the difficult job of bomb disposal. I also like having a variety of ammo available to me. Both western and indigenous mercenaries should do the same. The primary MOS determines the character's number of starting skills.

In hand-to-hand combat your agility AG will determine whether you get the first punch or stab initiative. After basic training. Add 1D 10 to age and 1D 10 to weight for the character.

Launchers and extra ammo are heavy! For western characters. Both MOSs must be selected when the character is first created and cannot be changed later. And a lot of self-confidence. When you figure in his ST you may have a wiry strong character or a fat hulk who is relatively weak for his size. Underwater Demolitions.

They may be reduced temporarily due to wounds. Each character selects both the primary and secondary MOS. Demolitions A vailable only as a secondary MOS. You improve an individual skill separately from your AG.

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With plastique. RTO and Sniper. These characters are usually restricted to pistols for sidearms. Grenade Throwing. As you gain experience from your missions you can add new hand-to-hand skills or improve existing ones. Most of the hand-to-hand skills can be improved.

Recon (role-playing game)

For indigenous characters. Minor Characteristics There are a few other characteristics which also need to be determined to help "flesh out" the character. Only characters with an ST of 80 or better can carry sub-machineguns for sidearms. I can make things hot for any opponent! All you need is a steady hand and a high AG. The character has special training with various heavy weapons.

Point men gotta be fast! We don't walk like the rest of the group. I can use a weapon as good as the next guy. Giving medicine to a sick child or helping the wounded shows them that we Westerners are really their friends. First aid with a little bit of surgical training. His job is not only to protect himself but the other members of his group as well.

It just makes 'em natural targets for the VC snipers. The last three shots out of 10 are usually kind of wild so they have a -5 penalty to hit. Charles sit up and take notice. Detect MineslBooby traps. The Point man is the first member of the group down the trail.

He is expected to detect ambushes. And who wants to walk up front like the Point. As a Medic I also get a chance to help the civilians of this war-tom country. Especially across clearings and exposed areas.Are any prints other than the owner's found on the empty cash box in the closet? Also, their file size tends to be smaller than scanned image books. On the other hand. If successful.

Map of the People's 'Nam. For printed books, we have performed high-resolution scans of an original hardcopy of the book. Innocents get killed. The Kingdom of Laos Maps of the Region. Instead of the U. Current wounds will reduce this figure because they reduce his current ST.

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